Wood Fencing

From the classic dog-eared picket to a custom cedar fence, we can improve the privacy and value of your back yard. No matter the choice of lumber, our local lumber businesses can help us find the materials that will work best for you and your budget.

For our corners and lines, we use 4x4 post. We frame it with 2x4x16” rails, normally made with treated pine to fit your budget. Our pickets are made with cedar, but please keep in mind we can get any type of wood you want to fulfill your backyard dream.

Our gates can be custom made to fit your style. We always use a metal gate frame to prevent sagging and is stabilized by 6x6” posts. All of our posts set in concrete for a good 36-48 hours  to confirm stability.

All of wood and materials are purchased locally, so if at last minute you change your mind, we can get it to you that day and not a week down that road.